It has begun

As of today I am officially a PhD candidate at AUT University with the Institute for Applied Ecology New Zealand. I have, however, done a bit of work prior to official enrollment to get ahead a little. What this has involved so far is reading (never ending) and the setting up my research site – what I like to call my outside office for the next few years.   I am pretty excited about my research site. It looks really sciencey. Best of all it actually is pretty sciencey. The central part of the system consists of three different types of sensors for measuring continuous and instantaneous water relations in trees (mangroves in my case). I will expand further on these measurements and sensors in a later post once they are up and running but for now enjoy the pictures of the first stage of set-up. It consists of a custom made aluminium scaffolding structure from Safeway Scaffolding (if you are in New Zealand and need a custom structure make sure you go and see Philip, he’s great). The structure will form the central hub for my sensors including, water-relations and environmental, as well as the power generator.

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  1. Di says:

    Good luck Jarrod

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