Updated: All up and running (almost)

After a long period of having issues with our power supply it seems like we have been able to solve this problem for the time being. It is now possible to actually see our data online now which is quite exciting. There are of course some kinks that still need to be ironed out but all-in-all everything is looking functional.

One major update we have had is the installation of a eddy-flux covariance tower (see pic below). This is a rather exciting joint venture with Cyril Marchand in New Caledonia.

Eddy-flux covariance tower

I have also had a bit of a play around with what little uninterrupted data I have been able to extract (see below). There is not a whole lot to report because of the very short time frame. One interesting thing is the stem-radius fluctuations. In terrestrial trees the stems expand from dusk until dawn and then begin shirking again when the sun comes out. In my trees there is a lag after dawn where the stems expand until 10-11am and only then begin shrinking. This is quite unusual and I have as yet not got a concrete explanation. One potential reason might have something to do with tide but I will need a longer time series and accurate tidal timing and height measurements.

Update: I forgot to mention that the period of stem-radius increase on 2-Aug and 3-Aug is most like to do with bark swelling caused by the rainfall event indicated by the grey bars on the bottom panel.

Daily cycles of physiological and environmental measurements

Daily cycles of physiological and environmental measurements

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